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Journey New Travel Agency/Agent Registration

Please submit documents below to be considered. Thank you.

New Travel Agency/Agent Registration

Thank you for choosing Now Journey for your esteemed clients.

To register or update your agency in our database and receive commission, please email the following documents to go @ (no spaces).

ARC/IATAN agencies: any document issued by ARC/IATAN that contains the ARC/IATAN number. Examples include a PDF copy of your ARC letter of appointment or IATAN personnel list. (a.) CLIA agencies (North America travel agencies/agent only): A PDF copy of your current CLIA certificate (b.) TRUE agencies: Please send a PDF copy of your letter of affiliation.

Please include a copy of your agency letterhead (including: agency name and legal name, primary contact name, physical address and phone, e-mail address). A completed W-9 form must be included with all agency change requests (U.S. only).This form if available at -

For questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Now Journey:

Now Journey
9457 S University Blvd, No 530
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Or by email at go @