You're Booked! Welcome Journeyers.

It is my sincere privilege to welcome you to Journey!

As we continue to march toward your travel dates, Journey will provide you with helpful information via email. Also, our team stands by for any questions you may have about the trip so please feel free to call, email or chat. A few items that will help us to serve you while you're preparing for your trip are provided below.

Please let your Journey Trip Specialist know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

—  Jeffrey Chaffin, President

Please review and complete the following (where applicable) in preparation for your upcoming Journey:

1. Trip Agreement: Click Here to complete the required Trip Agreement.
2. Traveler Profile: Click Here to complete the required Traveler Profile.


1. Trip Insurance: Click Here to protect your vacation with Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance.
2. Airfare Quotation: Click Here to request a no obligation airfare proposal from our airfare expert, Eddie.
3. Frequently Asked Questions: Click Here to read our FAQs
4. ALERT: Meeting Travel and Entry Requirements are the responsibility of the Journey Guest: Make note of ANY entry requirements for the countries you are traveling through and/or visiting as your destination(s). It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have met all entry requirements.

Before we continue, with the various flight disruptions we've been seeing, it might pay you to consider our Luggage Forward Service:


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Hello Journey Adventurers,

Take a moment and read all about how Journey will operate your upcoming adventure in a rewarding, safe and enjoyable approach to modern travel. Our approach to travel as the Pandemic comes to an end continues to include these commitments to our guests:

  • Journey's industry-leading Book with Assurance program for your deposits and final balance payments and schedule;
  • Sanitized Vehicles throughout the day's activities;
  • Our Small Group Tours keep away from the Big Crowds;
  • Our relationship with our Partner Hotels ensure room and public spaces are sanitized;

My entire team is so excited to serve you as the world re-opens for adventure this year. 

Here’s to your Journey! 

Jeffrey D. Chaffin,


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Passport, Visa and Electronic Authorities

A valid Passport is required for citizens from the USA and Canada (other countries: please speak with your consulates) for most destinations we travel to. The Passport must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond your return date. We may suggest keeping a photo of your Passport in your email as an unsent draft.

Airfare Purchased through our Air Expert: Eddie

Airfare is not included in the tour price. However, you can book through our recommended air provider: Bella Vista. Any changes to flights booked through Bella Vista must be administered by Bella Vista. Eddie is the name of our colleague at Bella Vista who provides outstanding service and pricing. Bella Vista is not organically affiliated or connected to Now Journey LLC.

Airport and Included Arrival Transfer Details

Upon clearing customs, you will be met by our Journey driver who will whisk you to the hotel, all included.

Luggage On Tour

One (1) 50 pound suitcase is included in your portage throughout the tour. You are also entitled to a carry-on bag, and a purse or satchel. Remember, your airline or the airline on tour if applicable may have more restrictive limits —  be advised you are responsible for any fees incurred on all flights.

Walking and Mobility on Tour

Be prepared to be standing and/or walking for up to 3 hours on various terrain including cobblestone streets, stairs and uneven surfaces. We walk a lot on our tours but we are unhurried and you may opt out of most sightseeing tours at just about any time (there are restrictions for example at the Vatican or on boat travel). The Journey Tour Director is unable to assist with mobility assistance. Please carefully read the Trip Agreement to understand your obligations and responsibilities.

What's the difference between Deluxe and Classic?

Packages vary depending on specific tour, so read tour page carefully. For example, on Italy's Great Cities Tour (10 Day) the Deluxe package includes a full, hot daily breakfast (table service or buffet), 5 of the 9 dinners and 4+ to 5 Star hotel properties featuring large, air-conditioned guestrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Classic package includes a daily breakfast, Venice Welcome Dinner (guests may upgrade to the total 5 dinners included for $390 per person), and 3 to 4 Star hotel properties featuring air-conditioned guestrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

See detailed description about Deluxe and Classic here.

COVID 19 Requirements

Please check with the Center for Disease Control website ( around 60 days prior to departure for the latest entry requirements. Also, for travelers going to Europe: please visit the EU government's site:

•  All Now Journey guests should visit the official Italian Tourism website that describes the latest COVID-19 updates by clicking here: 

What happens to my booking if my trip is cancelled by Now Journey due to COVID-19 restrictions?

Now Journey will automatically apply a credit of the monies you paid less the non-refundable deposit(s). Remember, your first deposit is non-refundable but transferable up to two years beyond your original travel date. If you paid a 2nd deposit, it is non-refundable and you should submit this portion to your trip interruption and cancellation insurance. Any monies beyond this amount will be credited to your account to be used on a future trip up to two years beyond your original travel date.

What does a credit cover with Now Journey?

The travel credit will cover any Now Journey tour and any pre-tour or post-tour hotels, transfers and other excursions which you booked with Now Journey. Flights are not covered by the credit and are non-refundable.

Hotel Guest RoomsAir Conditioning, Electricity, Bathrooms and WiFi

Each of our guest rooms feature ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning and select amenities in Deluxe category. Daily breakfast is included in each hotel category. For example, Italy utilizes the 220 Volt system, so you will need a converter for those devices that do not already have one, as well as an adapter for the physical US 2 or 3 prong to the Italian dual prong system. WiFi is included with your Journey vacation wherever available.

Journey Style Dining

Journey’s approach to dining is unique in the travel world (just like the regions of Italy we travel through). We include Premium Beverages (wine, soda and cocktails) and you choose your dinner from the menu. The local chefs and families are proud of their delicious dishes which hail from each of the regions in which Journey travels.

Medicine and Health on Tour

Please do not pack essential medicines in your luggage, rather take them with you in your carry-on (alert: liquid medicines may need additional approval by the airline). Should you have any food restrictions or allergies, please ensure you note this on the Traveler Profile. Should you contract COVID-19 while on tour it is your responsibility to seek medical care and additional required lodging based on local law or conditions. Journey staff will try to assist but are not responsible for organizing any of your additional lodging or transportation separate from the tour and pre-arranged services.


The Euro is used within the European Union. The GBP British Sterling in England. Please check with your destination country to identify the local currency. We recommend you bring with you the equivalent of approximately USD$300.00 per person. To obtain more cash while on tour, use your Debit Card with your PIN memorized (we may suggest keeping this information in your email as an unsent draft).

Tipping While On Tour

At the finalé of your Journey, you are invited to provide a gratuity to your Journey Tour Director. We recommend tipping $USD20 per person per day for your Journey Tour Director. Customary gratuities are included on your Journey for included dinners, drivers and local guides. You may tip Hotel porters and chamber staff at your discretion as they are not included in the customary gratuities.

No Up-Sell on TourRest Easy

Unlike most tour operators, we do not upsell to you while you're on tour. Your Journey Tour Director will assist you with any request while on tour, but will not proactively sell to you —  this is not our culture or style of travel. We recommend you select your optional activities at least 90 days prior to your trip departure date.

Weather on Tour

In much of southern Europe, expect early spring showers possible in March and April with highs in the 60s to 70s. May and June, mostly clear patterns with highs in the 70s to 80s, July and August are the hot summer months, but still fun to explore with highs in the 80s to 90s. September is still considered high season with highs in the 70s, with October more of a shoulder season with high temps ranging from 70s to 80s in the first week to 10 days, and 60s to 70s in mid to late October.

Clothing Recommendations

March through April with October: Layer your clothing with warmer sunshine expected by 10am on most days. Have a rain jacket or umbrella just in case. May through June with September: Summer clothing is recommended with jeans, slacks, dresses, shorts, sneakers and caps/hats completely acceptable. July through August: It's hot, so dress accordingly with sunscreen on hand. Remember, entrance into church and similar religious buildings require shoulders to be covered and shorts down to the knees, generally.