Why Join a Journey Small Group Tour?

Journey’s modern approach to travel leads the industry by crafting Fully-Guided Small Social Groups of around 10 to 16 travelers. Avoiding the large buses and traditional tour group sizes are a hallmark of Journey. 

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Exclusive Access and Skip-the-Line

Journey’s Small Social Groups approach allows our travelers unprecedented access and skip-the-line opportunities and many of the famous sites that travelers are looking forward to experiencing; no waiting in the long queues with Journey's approach to sightseeing.  

Comfortable Transportation: No Big Buses

Journey’s micro-coaches average about 12 to 24 seats depending on the final group size. For our longer transfers we enjoy comfortable captain’s chairs, air-conditioning, quality sound systems, panoramic windows and extra free spaces in which to move around.

Journey's Tour Directors are Different from the Mainstream. 

Our Journey Tour Directors don’t receive kickbacks from gift shops, or even museums in order to sway their decision to bring them business — this is a huge difference between Journey and just about every other tour company operating today. 

A Better Feel: No Rush.

“I never felt rushed or crowded and had pity on the large tour groups following their tour director around like puppy dogs. I just felt better with my decision to be with the friendly professionals who didn’t take themselves so seriously. It just felt better. Vive la Journey!” We agree with the sentiments of this traveler: Journey really is a better way to travel for the modern traveler. 

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