Don't be Deceived: There are "Small Group Tours,"
and Small Group Tours.

Understand that in the forthcoming, post-pandemic touring world there are now hundreds of "small group tour companies" seeking your vacation business. We want you to be informed when making your decision to travel in this modern landscape.

Most American tour companies are featuring 'small groups' of around 24 to 36 passengers —  which is about half the size of the traditional touring group size — remember most of their motorcoach buses fit around 56 passengers and they make more profit when their vehicles are at full capacity. Now, post-pandemic we've already seen many of these vehicles on the roads in Europe operating near full capacity. You can save money by going on these tours that feature 24 to 56 tourists: the cost to operate is offset by the big group of passengers.

Sometimes, it's all about the bottom line and we understand that —  but for those of you who would like to experience Europe, differently, we invite you to keep reading and consider Journey for your next vacation.

Journey's Small Group Tour Size up to 16 Guests and feature itineraries that emphasize walking and exploring versus riding around. Though when we travel between cities we will enjoy premium train travel and our comfortable "micro-coach" vehicles. And the average amount of time we're in a vehicle on a Journey Tour per itinerary is about 4 hours for the ENTIRE tour! Contrast that with mainstream companies that feature near daily transfers on their big buses.

More on Group Size and other characteristics that set Journey apart from the mainstream
•  Journey does not upsell to you while you're on the tour, while our competitors feature many options to fill up every waking hour and provide a good revenue stream for their company and their hired tour director (who usually goes home after each day's events). Contrast that with Journey's Tour Director who will be with you from beginning to end as your quintessential host and lead guide, and will even invite you to dinner on optional nights!

•  Balanced Days and Unique Experiences with Journey: Enjoy a different approach to modern travel as we avoid sun-up to sun-down activity and instead focus on quality sightseeing experiences for half the day (on average) and the other half of your time to soak up what you've learned, enjoy and explore at your leisure. We believe this is the best way to travel and that's why we call Journey: Adventures for the Modern Traveler.

Book with Assurance: Simple and Reassuring Traveling in a post-pandemic world will and does look differently for most of us. We at Journey believe you should be able to travel the world in safety and assurance. Book your vacation with Journey and enjoy our Book with Assurance commitment as your deposits are protected up to two years from your original trip date should a cancellation be required. Remember, your balance is not due untli 60 days prior to your trip departure for most trips. See our Risk-Free Booking policy.



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