Style of Journey: Unique Pricing Structure

Journey’s unique pricing structure provides an attractive way to enjoy our portfolio of destinations.

These Three Pricing Packages provide a truly unique approach to travel:

Deluxe —  This is Journey's preferred tour package featuring 4+ to 5 Star properties with all sightseeing and inclusions per the itinerary, Journey Adventure Leader, Discovery Walks, Expert Guides, On Tour Transportation and Unique Experiences. Includes welcome dinners/apericene in each new location. It's the most popular package.
Classic —  The same touring inclusions as Deluxe while enjoying 3+ to 4 Star properties still located where you want to be! Includes the welcome dinner in Venice on the 11 Day Classic Great Cities Tour and in Bellagio*, Venice and Sorrento* (o*on Northern, Southern and Complete Great Cities Tours).
Econo —  The same touring inclusions as Classic while enjoying typcial European budget hotels (still clean, air conditioned and located within 15 minutes of the daily tour meeting points). This package includes our Discovery Walks with your Journey Adventure Leader in each new locale.

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