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Now Journey's International & Local Guides, Tour Directors & Staff

"Our Now Journey Tour Director really understood us from beginning to end. We like air conditioning (a lot!) - they just knew what essentials we would prefer and were able to blend it with an authentic experience in this amazing land!" —  Leah from Italy's Great Cities Tour

Whether you're traveling with us on our Tours to Italy or one of our other amazing destinations, we're very excited to be able to serve you!

Now Journey's small group tours don't have tour guides and leaders running you around with flags or umbrellas — we don't have big buses —  we don't have big groups —  we don't frequent touristic restaurants —  we don't upsell to you while you're on your vacation —  we don't spend hours on the vehicle. We DO have staff trained to work with North American travelers and to respect the essential preferences while blending them with the local and authentic experience.

This style of travel has proven itself over and over again —  we're pleased to show you the world one Journey at a time —  and Now Journey is committed to smart, sustainable travel. Our on-tour lodging and transportation solutions feature lower environmental impact for smart, sustainable travel.

So, get ready to be inspired with Now Journey!

—  Welcome aboard!

Jeffrey D. Chaffin

Like-Minded Travelers. Foreign Countries are "Foreign."

Now Journey’s Small Groups allows travelers interested in exploring the world’s treasures and secrets to do so in the company of like-minded travelers who don’t take themselves too seriously. And while we are seriously committed to providing interesting experiences, adventures and sustainable tourism throughout our destination portfolio, we remind all of our travelers that are Journeys take place where the customs, language and other aspects of living are truly foreign to our North American way of life. So, keep your mind open as you enjoy the Journey and you will come back a changed person —  for the better! 

The Now Journey Crew.

From our front-line trip specialists who work with you to craft that trip of a lifetime, all the way through to our onboard Tour Directors, our team is specially trained to make your Journey everything it can and should be. 

Now ourney’s Field Services Team begins with the Journey Tour Director and boasts a full set of program managers, drivers, guides and support staff who are available 24 hours a day to assist you should the need arise. 

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